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    Welcome to what I gladly call Mikes Mess.  I started this page back in 1998, and believe it or not it is still going.  We have been through many form factors since I started this page, but I pretty much have kept it to iit's original form.  I am a long time record collector and enjoy music from the 50s and 60s and even early 70s.  From my early days of listening to the radio in the mid 50s to the middle 70s, music has been a big part of my life.  This was (and still is.) my first love (my 2nd being computers.)  This page is to entertain and hopefully give you a little incite on my love of music and me in general.  So I say welcome to my world of Mikes Mess.

    Below are many links to the various things available on Mikes Mess.  We hope you enjoy them and remember they are free for you to tell others and hopefully have them enjoy the hobbies I so much enjoy.  We have old time radio, oldies, internet radio stations, and old tv and movies.  this is a history of life many of today's generation have never even seen or heard.  Hopefully even if you were not old enough to experience this part of history you can appreciate it and come often for new oldies, old time radio and movies and tv shows.  So once again I want to welcome you to my world of Mikes Mess.

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Mikes Mess Net cast

    This is one of my favorite part of this page, my net cast.  I have started back in 1998 with an oldies net cast and it has grown since then.  There are many net casts to choose from, oldies, old time radio, many of these are broadcast me and Wayne do for the Legend.  You will find the legend page on the following page.  So check them out and ENJOY and Click Here To Go To My Net cast Page

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My Collection

This is a special part of this page for me.  This is a page devoted to my oldies collection, and  3 other great friends of mine who are also collectors.  We share our music collection and hope you all enjoy what we give you.  If you want to hear the oldie of the day and check out the oldies radio station me and my friend Wayne are on then please click My Collection.

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Old Time Radio

     This is another long time feature of Mikes Mess, the Old Time Radio Theater.  Every day me and 2 other friends of mine give you a chance to use your imagination.  The theater of the mind as it is called.  We give you drama, comedy, severity's,  mystery and who knows what else.  So if you love old time radio then set back and listen and enjoy The old Time Radio Theater

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Mikes Mess Mailing List

    This mailing list/discussion group well be information about future happenings on my web page, and will keep you up to date when new net casts are offered, and is also a discussion group for those who wish to say hello to others.  This way we will all know who we are and it will give us a community for those who visit mikes mess. If you wish to join my mailing list send an email directly to me at mikesmess@gmail.com. and put mikes mess mailing list in the subject line.  This helps get rid of spammers. I would love to have you be a part of this great list, so come and join us and be a part of Mikes Mess mailing list. 

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Mikes Mess Old Time TV Presentation

    This is a new feature of Mikes Mess. I am presenting old tv shows from the early 50s o the 70s. These are shows that are in the public domain, shows you may have never seen before, or have never seen at all. They can be drama, western, comedy, and made for tv movies. Many of these can be downloaded through archive.org. I would grab what I can and hopefully you can enjoy what I enjoy. TV has come a long ways since these shows were made and we hope to show you a look at TV in the past so we can enjoy them again in the present times.  So if you want to watch old time TV show Click here to Mikes Mess TV Presentation

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Mikes Mess Movie Presentation

    Take a look at movies long since forgotten. Mikes Mess double feature movie presentation features movies from the 30s to the 70s. Not all big blockbusters, but many well worth seeing again.  This is a time to look at life in the early to middle years of talking Pictures.  I will try to bring 2 different movie every week.  So you never know what to expect.  So lets look at life in the past through motion pictures and most of all enjoy movies that you don't have to pay $14 in the theater (you will have to supply your own popcorn.)  If you are interested in seeing these movies Click here for Mikes Mess double feature theater

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    I want to thank you all for coming to this page, I never expected it to last this long and I have met so many good friends along the way, and I hope to have you as one of them.  Please go to my mailing list, check out the movies, Old Time Radio, and TV show and the oldie of the day and the internet radio ma and my good friend Wayne "The Wayner" Michaels do on Bill Sparks The Legend.  If you wish to write me please do at mikesmess@gmail.com.  I will try to answer any questions and take any suggestions yo may throw my way.  Again thanks for visiting and hope you come again soon.

bye for now